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The 100 – Book Review

One of the rare dialogues said in the book world, ‘The show got me here!’

I was first exposed to this story through the show, I saw a video made on the main characters on Youtube and their chemistry was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I had to watch this show. But unfortunately, the writers killed off one of my favourite characters, Wells Jaha, in the third episode. Halfway through the show, I was so intrigued, I wanted to know if there was any book that this show was based on and just my luck, Morgan Kass had indeed written the book that inspired this amazing show. The show however is very different from the book, but that said, both are amazing in their own way. In the show’s defence, the book was not completed when the show released, so the show drifted off into a different direction while the plot sort of remained the same. So, here it goes. Warning: spoilers ahead. :p

It is the year 2300. There was a Nuclear war 3 centuries ago on earth that made it uninhabitable. Selected few humans from all over the world built a settlement in space. They lived in this huge spaceship called the Colony and carried on the legacy of human race. They had kids and they grew in space with the limited supply of oxygen they had. The rules on the Colony were slightly different than on Earth, the juvenile criminals were kept in prison till they were 18 while the criminals above 18 were floated into space. There as no such thing as life imprisonment, in order to save oxygen, the criminals wouldn’t be shown any form of mercy.

We are now introduced to our main characters, Wells who the son of the Chancellor, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Luke and Glass. There are chapters written from each of these character’s point of view making it extremely easy to understand their emotions. Clarke is one among the juvenile criminals, for committing a crime we are yet not told about. She learns that she is being sent to Earth with 100 other juveniles. It was an experiment to see if Earth was inhabitable or not. Since these criminals were to be floated in a few months anyway, the Colony sends these kids in the dropship to Earth. Bellamy and Wells however, weren’t criminals but Glass was. But Bellamy and Wells, make their way into the dropship to be with people they love. Bellamy almost kills the chancellor in this process. This commotion allowed Glass to escape the dropship and Bellamy to enter it. The dropship lands on Earth and Clarke seems to be very unhappy with the fact that Wells is in the dropship with her.

We learn that Bellamy had actually come into the dropship to be with his sister, Octavia. In the colony, it was prohibited to have more than one kid. Nobody else in the dropship knew what it felt like to have a sibling. Bellamy was very protective of Octavia. They are united as soon as the dropship lands. The 100 discover that Earth seems inhabitable and the traces of the radiation didn’t seem to be there anymore.

They set up camps and try to hunt for food since their supply seemed to get exhausted. Bellamy, takes the charge and gets the camp their first kill, a deer who seemed to have 2 heads because of the radiation and mutation effects on Earth. Meanwhile, Clarke tends to the wounds of the people injured during the landing. She was practicing medicine on the Colony before she was arrested. Thalia who was Clarke’s best friend and Octavia were the ones injured along with a few others. Bellamy kept visiting Octavia, due to this, Clarke and Bellamy make contact and later go to retrieve the medicines box that fell during their landing together. Long story short, Bellamy and Clarke hookup while retrieving the medicine. Bellamy learns that Clarke and Wells were dating before and they broke up because Wells had broken her trust and was the reason that Clarke’s parents were dead. At the same time, we see that Wells is trying to gain Clarke’s forgiveness and he had entered the drop ship to be with Clarke on earth.

Over the course of the next few chapters we see Wells and Clarke try to sort out their differences and Bellamy beginning to like Clarke because of her strong will and unusual charm.

Meanwhile, in space, we are introduced to Luke and Glass, who once were dating but had recently broken up due to Glass being pregnant with Luke’s baby before turning 18. Glass however, is pardoned by the vice-chancellor. Later in the book however they get back together and seem to sort out their differences. On Earth, Bellamy seems to develop feelings for Clarke but notices that she had begun to soften towards Wells and had began talking to each other. The entire book revolves around Clarke, Wells, Bellamy and Glass telling the story from their point of view. It makes it pretty interesting and every chapter also inludes a flashback of their lives. Kinda slow in the beginning but as we get to know more about their past life, it gets interesting.

The book ends on a cliffhanger, with a fire breaking out in the infirmary and Thalia dying due to it. Octavia is found missing and Wells holds Clarke back from going in and saving Thalia because he was worried about Clarke’s safety. Due to this, Clarke begings to hate Wells again and it seemed like she was never going to forgive Wells for this. She had lost her best friend and her parents because of him. The 100 also discover that the Earth is inhabited by other humans as well. Leaving a little mystery for the next book.

My feedback

The book was a light read. Finished it really quickly. It is quite different from the show. The show focuses on survival and friendship but the book leans more towards romance and a plausible love triangle between Bellamy, Clarke and Wells. The details were nice and interesting, the concept was really good. Science fiction romance is an uncharted region for me so this read was indeed refreshing.

I personally like the show more, despite my love for romance. The show is very well made and the characters are amazing. And the show was the one who got me to the book which wasn’t disappointing either, so it’s a win-win in my opinion. I’d give this book an 8/10. A quick read for the weekend. Will definitely read the rest of the books in the series.

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