To All The Boys, P.S. I Still Love You Book Review

Updated: May 9

“There’s a Korean word my grandma taught me. It’s called jung. It’s the connection between two people that can’t be severed, even when love turns to hate. You still have those old feelings for them; you can’t ever completely shake them loose of you; you will always have tenderness in your heart for them.”

Our little Lara Jean Song Covey is back in the second book and she is as adorable as ever. The second book is a continuation of the cliffhanger that the author, Jenny Han left us with the first book. After LJ and PK sort out their differences they start dating for real with a new contract and a solid rule that they will NOT at any cost, break each other's heart. They go on their first real date and everything seems good in paradise. Meanwhile, LJ recieves a letter from John Ambrose Mclaren. John is one of the people LJ had sent the letters to, she assumed that he never recieved the letter but he infact did after it had been delivered to the wrong address and his old neighbour was kind enough to send it to him. John seemed thrilled to have recieved a 'love' letter from LJ and they soon become pen pals. John however seems to develop a liking towards our little LJ.

We later come to know that LJ, Peter, John and Gen were childhood friends and they used to play in their neighbour's tree house. After knowing that the tree house was going to be cut down, they decide to host a reunion party of sorts to dig up a capsule that they had buried when they played together. Meanwhile, Lara Jean seems to slip into her usual overthinking ways and seems to get insecure and compare herself to Gen.

At the capsule party, she gets annoyed that Peter shows up with Gen. They decide to play a game of tag like they used to when they were kids and make a pat that the winner gets to ask anything from anyone and the person has to do it. LJ is determined to win the game this time. If you guys remember from my review of the first book, there was a hot tub video of Peter K. and LJ that was leaked. LJ always suspected it was Gen but she finds out for sure and confronts Peter about it, who knew about it beforehand but defended Gen saying she had her reasons and she was going through difficult times. LJ then breaks up with Peter because he did not stand up for her. While playing tag, LJ tails Gen and discovers that her parents are going through a divorce. Ouch. She realises the reason for Peter's kind behavior towards Gen.

 LJ asks Peter to meet up at the treehouse and she says that she wants everything to go back to the way it was. They make up and get back together after Peter confesses his love for her.

“You’re not first,” Peter says. “But you’re the most special to me, because you’re the girl I love, Lara Jean.”
Love. He said “love.” I feel dizzy. I am a girl who is loved, by a boy, and not just her sisters and father and dog. A boy with beautiful eyebrows and a sleight of hand.”

What about John Ambrose?

John is a major part of the book. He is someone who seems like a kind, caring guy who genuinely likes LJ. In my opinion, John and LJ would make a great couple. Things would be so easy and natural for the both of them. John seemed like someone who noticed the details and LJ adored that. Instances like the snow globe that was gifted by him for her birthday, the way he looked at her, the way he was always there for her, it almost seemed like they would end up together. They do share a kiss but LJ realises that she is in love with Peter and that he wouldn’t leave her head that easy.

I ship LJ and John and I am one hundred percent #teamjohn, but Peter and LJ do end up together. Despite their differences, Peter becomes this person around LJ that is quite adorable and concerned. He seems like he really cares. But for all the John Ambrose lovers out there, who, like me, ship LJ and JA, maybe there is hope for them after all. This scene kind of hints at it.

“And then John Ambrose McClaren says one last thing, a thing that makes my heart swell. “I don’t think it was our time then. I guess it isn’t now, either.” John looks over at me, his gaze steady. “But one day maybe it will be.”

Maybe when they get older, they happen to meet again and realise they’re meant to be. We can only hope but the possibility of that and the idea of them, seems exciting

My thoughts Despite being #TeamJohn, I loved the ending. Peter and LJ somehow fit and not in a I-will-adjust-and-hurt-myself-to-be-with-you sorta way, but in a I-like-you-and-I-will-do-my-best-to-keep-you-by-my-side way. As usual, Jenny Han doesn’t fail to impress me with her intricate details throughout the book. LJ’s overthinking, well written scenes that make me imagine the scenario, the characters, the family bond and the pure, innocent, teenage love. One of my favourite YA series of all times. This book is very difficult to put down.  10/10, 100% recommend. And like I said before, LJ has all of my heart. <3

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