To All The Boys I've Loved Before - Review

I like to save things. Not important things like whales or people or the environment. Silly things.
Porcelain bells, the kind you get at souvenir shops. Cookie cutters you’ll never use, because who
needs a cookie in the shape of a foot? Ribbons for my hair. Love letters. Of all the things I save, I
guess you could say my love letters are my most prized possession. - Lara Jean

There was something about Lara Jean Song Covey I couldn't shake off, till I realised that I had never found a character to be as relatable as her. This book is my ABSOLUTE favourite! The characters are so precious, the story is so simple and well written and the details are to die for. I watched it first on Netflix and I loved it oh so much. I wished there were more books like this, till I found out that this was actually a trilogy and read all the books in two days. I wasn’t disappointed.

The theme is classic old school love, the story is fresh and the ending is predictable but it still manages to keep me hooked till the final page of the last book. As I type this I recall reading this book at least 3 times. I’ve been stalling this for a while. The first time I enjoyed the book way too much and couldn’t make notes for the review. The second time I wanted to be selfish and enjoy it without taking breaks to make notes, but the third time I somehow pushed myself to make notes and here I am.

A gist of what the story goes is like this: Lara Jean Song Covey is a dreamy-eyed high schooler who is invisible, well, at least according to her. She likes to spend her free time typically doing things “grandmothers” would do (Like Peter K. liked to say), baking, knitting, reading old-school romantic novels, daydreaming about the perfect knight in shining armour, writing love letters. Woah woah woah, wait(Again. Like Peter K. would say). Yes, she writes a letter every time she loves someone. She doesn’t end up sending it through. It’s all locked away in her favorite teal hat-box tucked under her bed till one day her younger sister sends those letters to take revenge for ratting her out to Josh.

If love is like a possession, maybe my letters are like my exorcisms. My letters set me free. - Lara Jean

Josh is Lara’s elder sister Margot’s ex-boyfriend and Lara Jean’s first love. But when he receives the letter he doesn’t know what to do, he’s torn between how he felt about Lara Jara, a feeling that was buried deep within before he started dating Margot and being in love with Margot. Margot, who left for Scotland is completely unaware of all this while Lara Jean takes the matter into her own hands and tries to fix this by fake dating Peter K. who also receives a letter. The fake dating eventually leads to the development of real feelings, clashes, drama and making up (In the movie). In the first book, however, the author leaves us on a cliffhanger. But since I watched the movie already, I knew the outcome.

I don’t think the creators of the movie thought there would be a sequel, hence made sure that the movie had a happy ending, but with the response they received, it’s no surprise that there is going to be a second and a third movie.

I try, I really do, but it’s hard for me to accept this way of
thinking. I’m always wondering about the what-ifs, about the road not taken. - Lara Jean

Personally, I do like the book better than the movie, but I don’t think that the movie was bad at all. In fact, I loved the movie. There are many instances where the movie is way different from the book. The movie has a more dramatic opening compared to the book, Chris (Lara Jean’s best friend) is very undependable in the book, Lara Jean is known to volunteer at a nursing home in the book which carries the major plot twists for the second and the third book. There are a few characters in the book that aren’t mentioned in the movie either but they are major characters so I am hoping they would be mentioned in the second and the third movie.

A few other things that are different in the movie is Lara Jean and her love for baking, Peter K. and Lara Jean’s dramatic first kiss in the hallway, Kitty’s love for dogs, Lara Jean’s dad and his love for Korean food and the stuff that goes on in Lara Jean’s head. But the movie, despite all this, is extremely well made. The cast has mixed races, unlike the usual American movies where they cast white people in roles meant for people from other races. Asian representation is pretty good in this movie and kudos to that.

The story is quite amazing, the characters are very unique and their description is quite interesting. Lara Jean is a character I absolutely adore and there are so many reasons I could relate to her, which would need another blog post of its own. But if you want a light-hearted, funny, and a book that’s a quick read, this is the one to go for.

I give it a 5/5 star, but if I could I’d give it so much more. ^^

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