Starting Them Young

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

My experience on how reading from a young age can become an amazing habit that stays with you for a lifetime.

As a kid I was always attracted to fairy tales, fantasies, fiction and stories with happy endings. I would read books and wait for my mother to get me new ones.

So getting back to how one could start young when it comes to reading. I will talk from my own experience.

Start them young

My mother gets all the credit for turning me into a bookworm. She graciously agreed to let me subscribe to local kid's magazines and from a time to time would let me enjoy the warmth of an actual classic book. Every summer, Christmas, every other vacation for that matter, I would get a book along with other toys but these books stayed with me. The stories in these books shaped me into the person I am right now. I began to believe that there is always hope, that good always wins over evil and no matter what, never let go of the people whom you love. I would definetely say that reading books have had helped me become patient in life. Naturally I was inclined towards writing from a time to time and soon it became my passion to write stories ton my own. I improved my handwriting, made my parents read them and when I look back at those books, they all seem silly now but I had fun doing it and that's all that matters. The habit of reading and writing when I was young, define who I am right now.

I cannot assure you that the first book you read will always be the best one. The taste always varies from a person to person but you should be up for experimenting. When younger, we are more enthusiastic to keep trying. However, once we grow older we wouldn't want to read books again due to our bad experience in the past. Did you know, I, myself, was always hesitant to read the Harry Potter series, but now it is my favourite series EVER! So, go ahead and surprise yourself. You never know, you might actually like it.


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