Once Upon a Con

"And if we're both looking up at the same sky, how far apart can we REALLY be? What were the odds of us being put on the same slab of rock in this huge universe?"

After a lot of recommendations on good reads I picked this book up, I honestly did not know that it was a retelling of Cinderella. Judging the book by its cover which is gorgeous btw, it is a little heavy for the paper back version, but beautiful nevertheless. It was also a quick read, would take one about 4-5 hours.

The book took me by surprise in the beginning, it was a Cinderella story but a modern one. Fairy godmothers in disguise of friends, evil step sisters who aren’t as evil (well, at least one of them isn’t), a cruel step mother who is vindictive in modern ways and a handsome prince waiting to rescue poor little Cinderella, except she isn’t the damsel in distress this time.

There are many reasons this book kept me hooked onto it until the very end. First being, the heroine, Elle (short for Danielle) is not someone who likes to be taken care of. She’s always been a strong, smart girl, very independent and realistic. Not to criticize damsel’s in distress but it was a fresh take on the famous fairytale Cinderella but here, Cinderella actually stands up for herself.

I also liked the story because Elle in this book, was a fangirl. Being a fangirl is something most of us can relate to. We fangirl over pop stars, tv show characters, characters from books, actors. I found her very relatable because she had this one thing she was really passionate about, this show called Starfield and she had a blog of her own where she’d write her review about it. One fine day they decide to make a movie about the show and her favourite character is played by an eye candy (at least that is what most people assumed about him). Darien- the eyecandy, on the other hand was a fan of the show himself but couldn’t admit it to the crowd. Over a turn of unexpected events they end up texting each other but neither of them knows who the person on the other side of the phone is. Which is great because it gives both of them a chance to be themselves and honest with each other which in turn gives them a window to fall in love.

Another reason this book caught my attention and kept me going is the fact that it was narrated from the perspective of both the main characters, Darien and Elle. It is one of my favourite narration styles as I always like to know the character’s perspectives individually. Kinda makes me understand the story better, it seems more personal that way.

There are a couple of honorable mentions like the fact that the romance between Darien and Elle is bitter sweet which only makes it more realistic and relatable but also kinda romantic at the same time. The author also includes a really cool LGBTQ character making it more diverse, kudos to that. Last but not the least, one of the step sisters actually turns out to be an amazing person and is a good friend to Elle, unlike its original story where both the stepsisters were cruel.

Although being different compared to its original story, it does have a lot in common with its fairytale sibling. The drama, the glass slippers, a cruel stepmother, a daughter who misses her parents and oh the romance, it’s all put together perfectly. The thing about this book that excited me the most is that we all know how it ends, but how the author gets to the ending, well that was a beautiful journey and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A perfect read for a Sunday afternoon with a chocolate pastry. I assure you, it’s worth it.

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