29 Letters of Gratitude

If love is like possession, maybe my letters are my exorcisms.

Around 13 years ago, I learnt to write my very first letter. The formal one of course, the ones we learn in school during English grammar classes. Everyone hated it then, and so did I, especially since it had a lot of rules involved. The to address goes here, the from goes here and the date had to be on the left corner. All this seemed pointless till we were introduced to informal letters. Telling your friend how you spent the summer, addressing it to your best friend sitting beside you, giggling when they picked your name to address their letter to you as well. Making someone happy was so easy back then. What is surprising is the fact that it’s pretty much the same right now. The look on someone’s face while they open the envelope to read the letter, the smile that slowly shows up on their face and by the end of it, the way they embrace it, absorbing every word written in it.

I like watching people read the letters I’ve written for them. I let myself loose, pour out whatever is in my heart and make sure I am generous with whatever I say, I make sure I say everything. Sure, it is difficult to express your feelings to everyone in the same way. In fact, the hardest letters I’ve written were for the ones whom I loved the most. But it’s worth it, the reaction on their face, their excitement, them telling me that they will cherish this forever is one of the best feelings. You really want to keep that forever? Words I wrote? You appreciate it that much? – general thoughts in my head.

How It All Started:

I found this challenge on Pinterest and I absolutely LOVE writing letters, I write letters almost every other day so I thought why not. Also, since Feb is the month of love and gratitude, I thought it would be nice to choose 29 (one letter each day for 29 days in Feb, 2020) people I really care about and make sure I tell them how grateful I am about having them in my life. Everyone likes being cared for and being appreciated. This challenge made me realize a lot of things and one thing is evident, everyone finds happiness in the smallest of things. All of us are struggling in our own ways so these tiny gestures of gratitude actually make them happy beyond measure.

The Envelopes:

I tried to tweak the challenge up a bit and decided I was going to decorate the envelopes. So, I painted a few, doodled on a few of them but made sure everyone had a different design. The craft work was honestly extremely therapeutic and made me realize that it did not seem like a task, if anything I enjoyed it. The best part was gluing the letter shut after it was done.

Why this challenge was important:

While writing the letters I felt so loved. All these letters brought back amazing memories I had with the person I was writing a letter for and I did not hold back when it came to telling them how much they meant to me.

It brought back memories of the silly things we did together, the hard times and how we overcame everything. Most of the people I had written letters for, were the ones I had known for years and nothing had changed despite the loss of contact and distance. Made me realize how loved I was for having these amazing people around me who genuinely cared about me. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to be loved and cared for.

Writing these letters sure did take a lot of effort and time and to be honest there were days I did not write the letters and days where I wrote ten in a day, but all the 29 people in the list were totally worth it. I made a list from the very beginning and stuck to that (except one or two add ons I am guilty about) and assigned dates and numbers to them according to what I thought was best. I spread them out according to my mood for when I thought I’d be comfortable writing for family or friends.

I listened to various kinds of music while doing this, quiet ones for people I wasn’t in contact with anymore, my usual music for people I spoke to frequently, romantic ones for a love letter that was the longest I had written in the bunch. Different music inspires me differently, choosing the right song for the letter is important because the content would come out on the basis of that. Most of my letters were written with my kinda music in the background.

The best part about these letters were the reactions of people when I sent a picture of it to them over the phone, for people who lived away from me. Their texts were so emotional I got all teary for the most of them.

I think its very important to tell the people around you that you love them and care about them, you never know how important it could be to them and how it could make them feel. In this case, most of them were overwhelmed and extremely elated. It kinda felt like I was distributing Christmas presents. Is this how Santa Claus feels like? Except everyone got a letter despite being naughty or nice. ^^


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