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Not Reading Articles is GOOD FOR YOU!

So, I did not read any articles for a couple of months. Around 7/8 months. And I think I’ve discovered so many things about myself in this time, I’ve never been so sure.

  1. I’m not indecisive anymore!

    Poemsporn is one of the worst pages to follow as a teenager. I remember, when I was 15/16 years old, I was obsessed with quotes. “If he loves you, he would do this, he would be this”, “Your true friends are supposed to be this” etc etc.

    I want to clear two things about love and relationships, everyone is different, every relationship is different. Nobody can tell you what ‘s best for you except yourself. Not all friendships are the same. We need to live in reality and reality does not suck. Reality is practical and boring, but reality is so full of nice things if you stop being so delusional about everything.

    In reality, best friendships are not with people whom you go out with every night and party. Best friendships could also mean you sometimes have to cancel plans because you have work, but you make up for it and manage to meet atleast once a month. Reality is where you know the difference between hurting someone and being brutal with them and knowing that they deserve to be treated with kindness because maybe they ARE busy. It also means to realise that the world does not revolve around you.

  2. Being alone with your thoughts is ok

    Poemsporn and podcasts about love and relationships and these sad pages about relationships have one thing in common, they are VERY contradicting!

    Let me give you a scenario, you read a quote that says “Girl, if he doesn’t make you feel like a princess, WALK AWAY. If he does not obsess over you, WALK AWAY. Don’t settle, don’t compromise.”

    Then there is another quote that says “Adjusting is the key to happy relationships, be patient with the one” Wha… ?

    A relationship is not complicated! You like someone? You can tolerate them? You think you can live with them ? Go for it! Or don’t.. Make your own decisions. These pages have filled your mind with so much stuff that you forget to use your own brain and its sad. Your gut feeling has died and it does not even function properly anymore.

  3. Doing things because “Influencers” say its good for you.

    A couple of things that I have realised, I hate journaling. Its a tedious task, extremely overwhelming and tedious. All these influencers who claim its good.. good for them. But it does not work for me.

    Another popular opinion, listening to music would help work better. DOES NOT work for me. I cannot focus when I listen to music.

    But how did I realise that I have these opinions? I stopped thinking others opinions are mine. Staying away from these posts made me realise that I don’t like it. Staying away helped me realise I was being heavily influenced and wired to like something. I am now capable of understanding that I don’t like a certain thing to work in a certain way. Please also remember, it is OK to be in your comfort zone and not want to get out of it.

    So pleaseee! Let yourself feel, let yourself understand what you want instead of being wired a certain way. Read books and try to imagine than to wire your mind to short quotes that random people write. And please, don’t do anything that remotely makes you sad. Life is too short to be libed on someone’s terms. 🙂

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