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My Favourite Librarian

We all visit the library at some point in our lives, either because we are forced to attend library classes during our school days as a part of our curriculum or library classes during college because of low attendance. When I was younger, I was never interested in going to the library. If anything, I’d escape that hour by going for dance practice or miss the class for studying a subject of “major importance”. I remember seeing one of my classmates who was otherwise very dull in class become very active during the library hours. I wondered what was so interesting about Harry Potter and how it got her attention over math. I mean, it’s math? Yeah, I used to like math a lot. I still do. But I like Harry Potter more.


My school librarian was a very disciplined lady. She was very organised and taught us to be the same. Whenever we borrowed books from the library, she’d make sure that the books were covered by a newspaper and taught us a trick by which we could use the same newspaper that covered the book as a book mark too. She always made sure that we returned the books the same way we took them, all packed, and asked us to keep the cover on at all times to ensure the books never got dirty. She gave book recommendations and as far as I can remember, they were pretty good.


We have that general notion about librarians that they are very strict and grumpy and old, but as time passed I realised there is more to them than just that. They are really smart and if you get into chatting with them you might as well get your hands on a few gems in the library. By gems here, I mean great, underrated books.


I picked up a few habits as my visits to the library became frequent. Many students took the cover off after they got out of the library but I kept it on. To this date I read my books with the cover on. I guess it’s because I bought the books and I know how valuable they are to me and even a little damage would cause me to freak out but what about her? Taking care of the library was her job, those weren’t her books yet she took care of them like it were hers. I have met and experinced many librarians in the 22 years of my lifetime (yeah, I just announced my age :p) but no one was as passionate in doing her job as her and no one was close to how careful she was with the books and that was so inspiring. She taught me a lot of life lessons like discipline and punctuality in returning books on time, curiosity and patience. But the best of all was that she taught me how to love and respect my books. That’s the best lesson because it has stayed with me, till date.


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