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4 Months of Bullet Journaling

So, this year, I started Bullet Journaling. The experience was phenomenal for me personally, because of many reasons which I will explain below.

1. Craft Work

Can I begin to explain how BIG of a deal people make of the craft work involved in Bullet Journaling. Honestly, its not. It makes the process way more stressful. Bullet journaling is about making your daily task reminder more tuned to your taste. Its completely ok to have a single theme for all the monhts, or different themes for different months or, hear me out, NO THEME AT ALL. The best thing about Bullet journaling is the fact that you create your themes, you can make it exactly like you prefer it. That makes it better than buying a planner that has a specific theme.

I personally like being creative so for me, the whole process of Bullet Journaling was very stress relieving. However, its not necessary to have a fancy theme. For a beginner, it is ok if the lines are not straight, its okay to make it look like its imperfect. What matters is the functionality.

Here are a few designs I made every month. It was quite stress relieving for me. I spent the last week of every month designing the bullet journal. It was a fun process and trust me, I got a few critics too saying my lines weren’t straight enough or that the designs were way too inspired. As a first timer, its perfectly alright to take inspiration from people as long as you credit them. Most of my designs are inspired from pinterest and AmandaRachel Lee.


2. Choose what goes into the journal.

One great thing about a bullet journal thats different from the usual planner is that YOU decide what goes into the journal. Which makes it easy for you to filter out and make it work for you. For me, I noticed that a lot of things did not work for me that usually worked for other BuJo creators. An expense tracker did not really work for me as I prefer refering to my phone for the same.

Some people prefer having a page for brain dump in their journal as well. It wouldn’t work for me personally as I have the habit of leaving my stuff around the house and I wouldn’t want someone to go through that if I’m not around. It would also become difficult for me to use it in public, for me personally, as I am paranoid about people going through my stuff or even peeking. But if it works for others then yeah, that could be included.

I also don’t see the point of including extra things in the page like the amount of water intake etc, mainly because I don’t refer to my bullet journal thousand times a day to make note of such things. I look at the bullet journal just once a day before the day starts. But for most people who refer to it frequently, these details could be included. On a mental health check point of view, these details would definetely help.

3. Mood tracker is not very functional.

Speaking of mental health, I found the mood tracker to be extremely useless for me. I did not see any purpose of checking up on how different my moods were everyday. Another thing being, my mood changed multiple times a day so keeping a track of it became difficult.

4. Habit Tracker needs a little observation.

Habit tracker is a great thing to have in a bullet journal.

This little add on helps you track what you do in a month on a daily basis. The secret to this being super successful in BuJos is guilt. As we tick off our daily checklist of perhaps brushing our teeth at night everyday or journaling, we notice the habit thats being formed. Skipping a day/two makes us feel guilty and we make up for it by not slacking off. Great way to build a habit honestly. Initially, I added a lot of habits I wanted to track which was bad. With time, I reduced the number of habits I wanted to track to 6 from 9. This, ofcourse, came with conclusion of how the previous months went. A few habits, I wanted to keep a few wanted to let go off. Another great feature about the Bullet Journal is how flexible you can be with the contents in it.

My Final thoughts.

This year has been great. I vowed to use up all my notebooks and stationery this year so BuJo has helped me do that. Apart from that, I have observed a new creative side growing within me and I tend to keep it alive. Hopefully within a few months, I would be able to come up with designs on my own and be less dependent on Pinterest inspirations. (Tip: Use dotted BuJos as beginners. It helps with the lines.) Pinterest is a great place to start and there are loads of creative people on that app. Make sure to credit whenever you take inspirations. Remember, its not supposed to be perfect. Its supposed to be how you want it to be and its ok if its imperfect or borrowed, you’re learning and this is a great start. Happy Bullet Journaling!

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